Best Babi Guling in Denpasar

Best Babi Guling in Denpasar

During your holiday in Bali, off course you should try some of the famous Balinese cuisines. One of the well-known dish in Denpasar is Babi Guling Chandra located on Jalan Teuku Umar No. 140, Denpasar. The taste will definitely arouse your taste buds because Babi Guling is cooked with Balinese spices known as Base Genap. This food is especially recommended for those who like spicy food.

A portion of Babi Guling consists of rice and various processed pork side dish such as satay, pork meat, fried pork offals, crispy pork skin, vegetables and lawar and soup. The price for 1 portion of Babi Guling is around IDR 40,000, quite affordable and tasteful. This restaurant is around 10 minutes away from Cozy Stay.

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