Honey Grilled Chicken Wo Ai Ni

Honey Grilled Chicken Wo Ai Ni

Cozy Stay Hotel is located on strategic area in Denpasar and surrounded by many restaurants. So do not be worried if you feel hungry because you can choose whatever you want. However, we have a place suggestion for your dinner, Honey Grilled Chicken Wo Ai Ni. As the name suggests, the chicken is flavored with honey before grilled it. Wo Ai Ni serves honey grilled chicken with raw sambal and vegetables.

If you don’t like grilled chicken, Wo Ai Ni also serves fried chicken, catfish, fish, soybean cake and tofu. You can also request its spicy levels. This place is perfect for dinner with friends or family. Located on Jalan Teuku Umar Barat, Denpasar or less than 5 minutes away from Cozy Hotel Soputan. Open daily starts from 6 PM.

Source image: gdubrak.com

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