Popstick Coffee & Noodle Cafe

Popstick Coffee & Noodle Cafe

Cozy Stay Soputan Hotel is located close to several business districts on Denpasar area. If you want to spend time with friends in Denpasar, you can visit Popstick Coffee & Noodle Café inside Subway Building. Located at Jalan Teuku Umar No. 192 Denpasar or 15 minutes away from Cozy Stay Soputan. Not only place for hangout, this place also functioned as barbershop and concept store with industrial design concept.

Popstick serves Chinese food with around 17 variant of homemade noodles, but they also serve western food. If you just want to hangout, you can order coffee, milkshake or juice. Don’t forget to try Kue Cubit with original, green tea, red velvet, or tiramisu toppings, pancake, fried and grilled banana as complement. Popstick opens start from 10 AM – 11PM.

Source image: baliseru.com

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