The Fusion Sushi at Sushi Qombi

The Fusion Sushi at Sushi Qombi

There are so many restaurants that serve variant of dishes dishes around Cozy Stay Hotel Soputan. One of them is Sushi Qombi. If you’re a sushi lover you should visit this restaurant. Yes, the restaurant is eye catching because they make the sushi on the VW Kombi car that’s parked in front of the restaurant.

Sushi Qombi offers sushi fusion menu especially for you who cannot eat raw sushi or sashimi. The Fusion sushi is already cook so you don’t need to worry, you still can enjoy variants of sushi here. The price is affordable too, starts from IDR 20,000 for a portion of sushi. Not only sushi, they also serve okonomiyaki, udon, karrage salad and many more. Located on Jalan Teuku Umar or 10 minutes away from Cozy Stay Hotel.

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